Integrity of Review

At SHIFT, the process of reviewing submitted work is held to the highest ethical and quality standards to ensure fairness, impartiality, and scientific integrity. We understand the inherent value of an objective review free from bias and are committed to preserving integrity by holding each member of the SHIFT team to a strict code of conduct.

All submitted work is assessed by editorial staff for originality, alignment with the scope, and appropriateness for peer review. Manuscripts approved by the Managing Editor are then submitted for formal peer review.

To achieve impartiality while preserving scientific integrity during peer review, we implemented a double-blind process designed specifically for SHIFT. This double-blind review process is maintained through anonymity of both the author and reviewer during peer review —at no point is the identity of either party made available to the other. Each reviewer is held accountable for their respective evaluations and have agreed to only review subject matter within their personal scope of expertise, ensuring credibility and effectiveness.

All research is thoroughly analyzed, at minimum, during peer review for the following criteria:

  • Originality
  • Interest to the EHS community
  • Relevance to EHS
  • Research methodology and analysis
  • Clarity and conciseness

Work that meets and exceeds the high standard of review is then hand-selected by the Managing Editor and Editor-in-Chief for publication. It is then sent to our executive team for quality control. Only through strict adherence to a rigorous review process are we able to fulfill our commitment to deliver the most valuable, prevailing research.

Download SHIFT’s Review Process