Welcome to SHIFT

To our community,

For over 50 years, BCSP has demonstrated a commitment to supporting safety professionals by raising the bar for both practitioners and employers. Our work has been guided by the voices of those in the field our mission and driven by your knowledge commitment to protect what matters most. Together, with the BCSP Foundation, we are proud to bring you SHIFT, a peer-reviewed journal dedicated to the presentation of research and best practices—offering thought and solutions. SHIFT is an extension of our investment in the advancement of the profession through research and innovation. The platform will provide global access and support for both subscriber and the interested, in real time and without cost.

SHIFT will serve as a resource that supports practice, celebrates new ideas, extends the conversation and builds community—providing a space where difficult questions can be posed, and solutions defined. We are committed to delivering a platform that shares how the challenges you experience can be addressed and where solutions transform practice.

Welcome to SHIFT. We look forward to working with you on this collaborative venture.

Christy Uden, MS, CAE, IOM
Chief Executive Officer, BCSP
Executive Director, BCSP Foundation

Christine T. McConnell, MPA
Deputy Executive Director
BCSP Foundation